Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making up for lost time..

Hello, my dear readers! I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote to you. To say that a lot has happened since that last post would be a bit of an understatement! As far as Nightscape Press is concerned, we now have three titles that we have released. The first one, A Requiem for Dead Flies by Peter N. Dudar, came out on June 26th. The second, Butterfly Potion by Trent Zelazny , came out July 3rd, and the most recent, World's Collider edited by Richard Salter , was released on July 10th. I'll make a post for each book hopefully in the next couple days because they are fantastic books and I'd really like to share some information about them with you! We are hard at work now getting our next several titles ready for release, which will start in September (more on those later).

In other news, both Jacob and I celebrated birthdays since we last talked. He is now 11 and I am now 32. For some reason, 32 was a little more daunting to face than 31 was. Now that it's here, it isn't as mind blowing, but there's still a lot swimming around in my head having to do with age, life, and the like...

We had a nice visit with my parents recently. Always good for the kids to have some time with the grandparents. We're now adjusting back to "life at home" after the visit, which can be "fun"! But it's also good to get back to the familiar and back into somewhat of a routine.

There's quite a bit more that I can recount and that will be coming up soon, but I think, for now, I'll wrap this post up and try to pop back in more regularly to update so it's not overwhelming (for you -- or me!!) Hope you're still hanging in there with me, my friends, and I'll try to be back again soon!