Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review: Too Late to Call Texas by Trent Zelazny

Too Late to Call TexasToo Late to Call Texas by Trent Zelazny
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trent Zelazny never ceases to amaze me with the style and finesse with which he presents his stories. Too Late to Call Texas is no exception. It's quite a bit different from his other works, but still done in such a way that keeps you turning the pages.

Carson Halliday is a troubled soul and his plight doesn't really ever look up from there. "If only he hadn't found the hat. Or the dead guy. Or the steamer trunk. Or the rag doll. If only he hadn't found any of these things, everything might have been okay." -- Indeed, but even through all the misery and gut-wrenching events, you walk away from this one with a feeling of hope. A little worn from the experience but knowing that the possibility for better things still exists.

The only slight drawback for me, that has happened in a couple other of his books, is his propensity to have thoughts/dialogue in Spanish. While it totally fits and is completely in character when it happens, I can't help but worry that I've missed something not knowing the language or having the means to translate it. I definitely don't think it takes away from the overall, but especially with the setting on this one, there were several sections where I wish I could follow the dialogue completely.

Even with that said, I recommend this book and I'm so very glad I had the chance to read it. Pick it up and then grab up any other book of his that you've not read -- you will not regret it!

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