Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road trip to Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!

In less than a day and a half, Bob and I will be leaving on an epic road trip with the destination of KillerCon 4 at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas!!

KillerCon 4 itself will start Thursday evening.

Our trip will begin Wednesday morning as it is a 26 to 29 hour drive, depending on which site for directions is more accurate. Obviously, that doesn't account for stops, but I would imagine we'll probably be in the 28 to 29 range with stops. We will be driving straight through, alternating who is driving, drinking lots of coffee, and listening to both audiobooks and music to keep us moving.

The past months of planning, figuring, and preparing for the trip has been insane! Lots of snags here and there, but things are finally shaping up nicely. I'm about 90% packed. Bob hasn't started. LOL. But it'll all work out! Oh so very excited!! Yes, this is a business trip, as we will have a Nightscape Press table (that we will be sharing with the fine folks of Blood Bound Books ), we'll be taking pitches, and we'll be helping to man the Horror For Good table, but there is so much fun in store by way of the panels/readings, parties, getting to see "old" friends, and getting to meet a wealth of amazing people!

So, time to wrap up this post so I can get my work for the night finished up and rest up for the epic road trip ahead! If you are a fan of horror and are in driving distance of Las Vegas, you should consider coming out for the convention! If you do, come see us at the Nightscape Press table!