Sunday, November 18, 2012

Butterfly Potion by Trent Zelazny (sample)

One of the amazing works that my publishing company, Nightscape Press, has put out this year is a dark, emotional novella titled Butterfly Potion by the amazingly talented Trent Zelazny. This novella is getting rave reviews. It's up to 13 5-star reviews and 2 4-star reviews. I'd love it if you check it out. And if you do, and you're so inclined, it would be fantastic if you'd leave a review for it. I'm including a sample here to give you a taste of what's in store! Butterfly Potion by Trent Zelazny

Thanks for being here with me! Hope you'll look into the book and have a great day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Letting the Demons out by Ray Wallace

Letting The Demons OutLetting The Demons Out by Ray Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of reading this collection from Ray Wallace. I'd never read any of his work before, but I will definitely be reading more after this. Not a bad story in the bunch, but some weren't 100% my cup of tea. Doesn't make them bad stories, just not as entertaining of a read for me personally. My favorites were:

"Who's Laughing Now" (a demented little nod to Evil Dead 2, which I love!);
"The Thing Within" (a Lovecraftian piece that draws you along);
"Keepsake" (one of the stories in the author's The Nameless world);
and "A Dream of an Endless Highway" (great title, fascinating sci-fi story that pontificates on one possible [and scary] direction that green cars could go).

Like I mentioned, every one of the stories was well-written and interesting. I'd definitely recommend this for any fan of horror. Each story had something different so this should appeal to a wide variety of people who like the genre. A few stories are for sure not for the faint of heart, pretty high on the gore factor. So, if you can't handle gore, be forewarned! But in my opinion, it was still well done and not just gore for gore's sake.

And I enjoyed that each story started off with an author's note. Thought it was fun to have a back story or bit of where the author was coming from on each of them.

(I was given a paperback copy by the author to review)

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