Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Friday, January 20, 2012

A bit of frustration...

Hey there, everybody. I generally try to stay positive. I typically consider myself a "realistic optimist" in the sense that while I can look at things without "rose-colored glasses" to the point of not not seeing things for what they really are. Anyway, I initially planned on keeping this short, sweet, and to the point, but I don't seem to be able to do that these days! Anyway, my purpose for this entry is that as I am participating in the Get Fit Murfreesboro Challenge, as I documented in two blog posts ( Post #1 and Post #2 ).. Anyway, my frustration stems from I see all these posts, all these articles, all these people talking about products, and memberships, and et cetera aimed at helping people lose weight... and they all cost money. Some hundreds of dollars a month. I know we live in a society where everybody is trying to make a buck, but it is very frustrating for someone like me who wants to make a commitment to my health, but it feels like to really have any kind of advantage, I would have to spend lots of money that I just don't have. I would love to have a gym membership. I would love to use something like Slim Fast or Nutrisystem or something like that. Yes, I know that a person can buy healthy food (well, to an extent, but that's a rant for another time) and find ways of exercising that are free... But it just seems like such an uphill battle to lose weight in this manner. I will get there. I'm determined to make it happen. I just wish I had some resources to help with my journey. And with that, I'll end my rant. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me vent. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Any plans?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Fit Murfreesboro (Weight Loss Challenge) Pt. 2

So, in my last post, I rambled on quite a bit about how I got to the place where I am, overweight... there's a lot more I could go into about all that, but I think from the length of my last post, I'll try to keep this one brief and to the point.. and will "pepper" future GFM (as I will now refer to Get Fit Murfreesboro because I like acronyms, lol) posts with more back story and more current information)

Anyway, here is the website for the contest: Get Fit Murfreesboro 

As you can see from the page, there are several cool sponsors for the contest, several I'd not heard of before (and will spend some time researching).

The rundown of the contest is this:

"The challenge will begin Monday January 16th and the winners will be announced 12 weeks later on Saturday April 7th. A winner will be named for each measurement category as well as an overall winner that will be crowned the grand champion of the Get FIT Murfreesboro Challenge."

The prizes for the contest are:

Grand Champion:
Get Fit Celebrity Cruise for 2, Brooks Head to Toe outfit, nutrition products and $200 Cash

Category Winners:
Brooks apparel voucher valued at $50, nutrition products, $75 CASH

Runner Up:
Brooks Super Date: Limo, hot air balloon ride, dinner, and carriage ride through Nashville

While it isn't $250,000, those are still some pretty exciting prizes! And also, while I would love to win a prize because obviously it's fun to win things, and I'm generally competitive by nature (just ask my family about playing board games... lol), I really am in this to lose weight and get healthy! Winning anything would just be a perk.

So, today was day one... And I had to go weigh-in, get measured, and have my "before" picture taken. I didn't pour over this data (and didn't even see most of the measurements), but all the info will be emailed to me. As far as their FB page's last update, they have 124 people as of yesterday in the contest so far (and I'm sure with it being the last day to sign up, many more people are getting registered. I'll definitely be interested to see what the "final count" is.) so, it may be a little bit before they get the emails out.

I'm undecided at this point as to whether or not I'm going to go for "full disclosure" and put everything out there or not. This is pretty big. I'm generally a very private person... and I'm definitely not thrilled with where I am physically. So, this will take some thought and consideration as to which way I will go.

Anyway, think I'll wrap this up for now. I'll probably try to do weekly check ins having to do with progress, thoughts, and whatnot. If there's anything you want me to talk about, I'd be happy to take "reader suggestions". Also, as it stands right now, I am a member of no gym, health club, anything. I think this may, in some ways, be a hindrance... but I'm going to give it a go as is to start with. However, if there's anyone out there who wants to sponsor me and give me a gym membership for the next 12 weeks, that would be fantastic!!! =) I could make you fan of the year or something. I don't know =)

But there it is. I am participating in the 12 week Get Fit Murfreesboro Weight Loss Challenge and I am very excited! =)

Get Fit Murfreesboro (Weight Loss Challenge) Pt. 1

So, on Friday the 13th, the status of a local magazine read this:
"Have you heard about the Get Fit Murfreesboro Challenge? We want to see 5 of our Facebook friends get healthy in 2012. Send us a message (inbox-not on our wall) as to why you want to partner with Fleet Feet Sports Murfreesboro and Strongbody Murfreesboro to get fit in 2012 and you will be registered to win an entry to this 12 week challenge."

As I posted a couple posts back , I am starting on a weight loss journey... again. I've had on again/off again such journeys through the years. I was overweight late in elementary school, slimmed down a little in middle school, and really got a boost in high school when I was in marching band (which I loved and I'm very proud of those four years+ years, but that's a story for another time)... anyway, during high school, I was at a pretty healthy weight due to the physical activity exerted through band, but my eating habits weren't so good.

When I left home for college, I had close to free reign of food from the dorm's cafeteria.. some things were healthy, some things were not... I don't know that I necessarily gained the "freshman 15", but I definitely continued to have problems with "eating healthy". Now, I went to school (two semesters, anyway) at Purdue University.. for those unfamiliar with the school, it is a huge campus. So, even though I didn't eat well, I was still active from walking to and from class and anywhere I needed to go (as I wasn't allowed to have a vehicle right away). (Oh yeah.. my time at Purdue is another story for another day... lol)

Once I withdrew from classes, I decided to get an apartment off campus and started working. I worked a 3rd shift job in a factory and would eat once maybe twice a day at crazy hours.. didn't eat a lot, but didn't eat healthy... and due to small portions of not so healthy food, weight wasn't too much of a struggle...

Jumping ahead a short while, the trouble with my weight flared back up when I got pregnant with my son in late 2000... having not done a good job at eating well/healthy/often/enough, I kind of went overboard during my pregnancy. I was concerned about eating enough so that my son would have the nutrition he needed, but didn't really practice much restraint... I think all told, I gained roughly 80 pounds during my pregnancy... not good, I know!

Wow, this is getting really long winded... didn't expect that... LOL! Will try to keep the rest brief and get to the exciting part! Anyway, I've dieted off and on several times since having my son in 2001 and there were periods of time where I was doing better with my weight, but it was never consistently due to a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercise..

Right after Christmas this past year (2011), I decided it was time once and for all the lose weight and get healthy. I've gotten back to tracking my calories and trying to exercise... but although it's going pretty well, it's slow going and hard to stay motivated... So, to circle back to the main point here, I saw that and was intrigued. I'd not heard of the Get FIT Murfreesboro challenge before seeing that status. I went and checked it out afterwards and was very interested. It's a local biggest loser style contest -- and being a fan of the show, that definitely piqued my interest!

But there is an entry fee for the contest (understandably so, since there are prizes). I didn't really feel like I could justify paying to possibly not win anything. So, I thought it was cool, but wasn't going to participate. That is, until I saw the Murfreesboro Magazine's status (the one I posted up top). On a whim, I entered and I found out today that I won!!! I got a free entry into the contest!! Stay tuned for my next post which will have more details about the contest itself and the registration process! If you made it this far, thanks so much!! =) I know I circled around and had a lot of back story there, but I felt it was important to give you glimpses as to who I am, where I came from on all this, and why this contest is important to me!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Want a Kindle Fire? BeeSavy could help with that!

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**Note** If you're here on my homepage as opposed to the direct link for this post, be sure to click where it says "click here for more!" to access the Rafflecopter form!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey everyone! The Epic Kindle Giveaway has begun! Be sure to check out the blog post for details! Contest runs January 11th through 13th! At least four Kindle Fires will be given away, $200 in Gift cards, and a plethora of free books from all four authors Scott Nicholson, Aiden James, H.T. Night, and J.R. Rain!


Epic Kindle Giveaway: Kindle Fire Giveaway entries kick off; book blogge...: Free books and Kindle Fire contest entries started midnight, U.S. Pacific Standard Time (3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time). We are also giving ...

Friday, January 6, 2012

My current goal

I'm taking the plunge. It's time for accountability. I had an original goal to lose 50 pounds by 03/28/12, but I think I may be setting my sights a little too high to realistically achieve said goal, thereby ensuring my failure. So, I have made the decision tonight to set a smaller, more realistic goal (and I'll just hope that I will not only meet, but exceed said goal). So, here it is:

It is my goal to lose 34 pounds by March 28th, 2012 (yes, there is a specific meaning behind the date.. I may or may not go into said meaning at a further point in time)

This post will contain my widget (and I may place it on my blog proper just so it is there and visible and easily accessible when I/other people want to check in on my progress).  Any words of encouragement, motivation, or advice would be fantastic as I take a solid first step towards my goal.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  It is a scary thing to put yourself out there sometimes....

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Wow. It's 2012. I know that goes without saying, but it is pretty monumental, in my opinion. I never got around to getting my books of 2011 post up, but I guess it won't matter so much if it's late, right? Could be some good fodder for your upcoming reading lists, right? =) Just got home from a big grocery store trip, and I'm worn out! Shouldn't be exhausting buying and putting away groceries, but when you get a lot, it sure can be! Anyway, have some work to finish up for the night, need to get some work done on my book list, and spend some more time with the kiddos before they go to bed, as only two more days left before they go back to school! Take care dear readers! I wish you much health and happiness in 2012!!!