Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20/12 update

So, the kiddos have been back in school for a full week (plus) now. It is hard to believe that I now have a sixth grader (which is middle school here -- when I was in school, we had seventh and eighth as middle) and a sophomore in high school... the times, they do fly... So far, so good for the school year.. the only downside is that I have yet to get my schedule adjusted (hence posting at 4:50 a.m.) and my nephew will be starting his first week of college at Purdue University this week. I'm very, very happy that he'll be going to Purdue. such a great place and I hope that it is a wonderful experience for him.. (and that he does a better job of going to classes than I did during my time there, but that's a long, long story!)

In other news, I have now finished my second editing project for Nightscape Press . It is for a novella that will be coming out next month -- very excited!

Been in a bit of a lull, when it comes to transcription work. The next "quarter" has started for one of the companies that I work for and I had anticipated that it would keep me pretty busy (based on two factors: one being that last quarter was busier than I've experienced in the past for them and that I got what I consider a "promotion" in that I was asked to take on additional work, which is groovy)... but unfortunately, I haven't been as busy as I would expect... and my boss at my main transcription company has been sick since early July... so, that combined with the fact that summer is normally slower than the rest of the year, things have been pretty sparse... which leads to stress... but hoping things will all work out and pick back up soon!

KillerCon 4 is in exactly one month. CRAZINESS!! Myself and the other two members of Nightscape will be sharing a table with the amazing folks at Blood Bound Books. So much to say about KillerCon that I think I will try to make a separate post in the next couple days! But needless to say, I'm super excited and can't wait! Haven't been to Vegas since before I could legally gamble... LOL!

Hope all of you, dear, fine readers are well and I will attempt to blog again soon!! *hugs*

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Shoe Shopping -- Easy at Famous Footwear!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, back to school time is upon us again.  For parents, or at least for me, that always fills me with a mixture of anticipation and dread.  I'm excited the kiddos will be back to school, making getting everybody on a good schedule MUCH easier, but the two downsides are it's so nice having them home over the summer (and I'll miss them!!) and the oh-so-fun: back to school shopping!!!    (yes, shopping is a bit of fun, but shopping with all the other parents scrambling to get what their kiddos need makes it *stressful*)

Not only are buying supplies for the classroom needed, but the kids also need new clothes (as they grow like weeds and barely anything from last year fits and also, they have to have new things and not wear exactly what they wore last year, I mean, "Come on, mom." <g>) and new shoes (because again, the whole growing like a weed thing PLUS at least as far as my kids are concerned, they're hard on shoes and wear through them like crazy!)

So, all of that makes for a stressful time due to getting it all done plus the money it costs!  Well, Famous Footwear is making it a little easier when it comes to the shoe department (no pun intended!).  They have a coupon right now offering FF-BiggestVictory-GIF_300x250(1).jpg15% off (Reward Members get 20% off -- will talk about Reward Program in a minute!)  PLUS BOGO (Buy One, Get One Half Off [on most shoes]).  Personally, with as much as I've shelled out for supplies and still needing to get shoes for this kids, this couldn't have come at a better time!  This will certainly help my family (and who doesn't like saving money?)

BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon

You should print out the coupon and take it to your local Famous Footwear to get great savings as well! This coupon is good from August 2nd to August 18.  So, print it today and go shopping!! =) And don't forget, they also have a Rewards Program that is FREE to join, which could earns you 1 point for every $1 you spend (in store or online!), you accumulate points to earn certificates (up to $100 a year), you get a discount just for signing up (awesome, right?), and other special discounts and perks!

So, from such a great store with tons of variety whose employees understand your busy life you get not only member discounts and perks from their Reward Program but also a great back to school coupon!  And don't forget if you don't see something in the store (or it isn't in your size) you can order it from and have it delivered to you or you can shop online and have it shipped to the store for FREE!!


I know where I'm getting my kiddos back-to-school shoes and hope this deal will help you, too!


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