Wednesday, May 27, 2015

(Nearly the) End of May Update

Hello, dear readers! I apologize for taking nearly a month to chat with you. The job that I referred to in my last post had me feeling like I was stuck in a cave for its entirety. It wasn't "bad," per se, but there were a lot of things that I wish had been different throughout the process. At the very least, I made a really good friend out of it -- so, I'll count that as win.  Totally worth it for that!

Otherwise, have started with a new transcription company, and things seem to be going along swimmingly with that! I've not quite found the rhythm with it that I would like, but I'll get there! Now, the test will be to see how project availability fits into everything.

Things have gotten a little bit behind with Nightscape Press, but we're about to turn the corner there. We have five titles all slated for release, in various stages of being complete. Some amazing, amazing books that I'm really excited to share with the world. And we have some projects in the background that I'm equally excited for!   (Shameless promotion: if you haven't yet checked out our books or there's a title you've not yet read, they're all available at our Amazon Nightscape Press Store!)

Other than that, been trying to get back to reading more often. Have definitely let work and life get in the way of time spent with books. I've only completed six books so far since the beginning of the year.  Have a goal of 30 for my Goodreads Challenge.  Going to have to definitely step it up.  I have a few titles that are in the works for upcoming reviews.  So, that will definitely help.

And the other big thing that's going on is we're hoping to move by the end of the summer. Want to get back to Smyrna. Have been keeping an eye on properties and hoping to find one that will be a good fit. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway, now that I've managed to update most of what's been going on since last we talked, I should really get back to the rest of everything I *should* be doing. Hope this finds you well & look forward to our next chat!  If you feel so inclined, leave me a comment with what's been going on for you lately, what book you're currently reading, and plans for the summer!