Monday, October 31, 2011

Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology mentioned on Horror Library Radio!

So, I've not had much chance to start mentioning Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology that my husband is co-editing. I can't go into full details yet, but there are some HUGE authors in the horror world contributing stories (I can mention Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Ray Garton to begin with -- there will be many more!). All proceeds from the anthology will be given to amFAR an international AIDS research charity.

Tonight, they were mentioned on the inaugural podcast of Horror Library Radio. You can take a listen to the podcast at: the segment starts at 1:18:20.

The anthology is still a work in progress. They are still taking story submissions until November 30th, 2011. You can get more information at their blog Horror For Good . On their blog, they list their submission guidelines. So, if any of you, dear readers, are authors (especially in the horror genre), be sure to take a look. Otherwise, everybody should keep an eye out for this book when it's released to be able to 1) read some great horror stories and 2) give to a great charity!

So, horror authors, check out the blog and polish up an amazing horror story to submit. Readers of horror, be on the lookout for the release of this anthology! (I'll be sure to post a date once it is confirmed)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll check out more about this awesome upcoming book!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


My blog has now been "live" for about a month -- and I'm really impressed with the amount of pageviews I've been getting.  It's been nice to know that my words aren't just falling on deaf ears, so to speak.  One thing I would really like for this blog to become, however, is interactive.  I'd love to hear from people -- if my content is interesting to you, if you like the posts, if you disagree with anything I've said, if there are things you'd like to see me talk about, etc...  I know it'll take time to really build a following, but my hope is that before too long, this can start being more than just me talking to the collective..  Hopefully you, dear readers, will start talking back.  (That just reminded me of a couple scenes from a really amazing book that I read over the summer, Blindsight by Peter Watts )..

   Anyway -- have had some pretty major things come up, good and bad, over the past week.  We have our first clients for the business, (yay), started a big project for work (yay), finally(!!) getting some progress on all the reading I need to be doing (yay), and having to deal with a financial issue that I'd rather not be dealing with (boo...)...  but things are definitely moving in a very, very good direction!  Just hope that trend continues and the goods outweigh the bad.... That's all we can really hope for, in a lot of ways!

  Take care, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say hello!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Prefense Giveaway reminder and general info update!

There's still plenty of time to enter my Prefense Giveaway (see the post below this one) or simply click here.  The prize is an 8 oz. bottle of Non-Alochol 24-hour Prefense Hand Sanitizer.  My review of the product is found at that same location.  I've continued to use it and I still really like it.  Especially with fall quickly knocking on winter's door, I need the protection against my hands getting dry (as they always do) with winter approaching.

  So, I don't think I've had a chance to mention one of the pretty major projects that I'm involved with right now. It has to do with reading and a lot of it!  I'll make it a priority as soon as I can to get some info up about that.  So, definitely stay tuned because it's pretty exciting!

  And lastly, while I had intended to have pages up by Friday work and other obligations have moved that time table back a bit.  I'll at least try to get the behind the scenes things going by the end of the weekend and hopefully have the redesign done as quickly after that as I can.

  So -- is anyone out there?  Leave me a comment and say hi, offer suggestions of ways you think I could improve my blog, or leave a link for your blog/website/et cetera and I'll be happy to drop by!

  Until next time, take care & make sure to let those who are important to you know just how much they mean to you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prefense 24-hour Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer product review and GIVEAWAY! =)

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So -- I've tried a multitude of hand sanitizers over the past few years and for the most part, I've not been all that impressed.  While it was nice having a quick option when washing my hands wasn't a possibility, there seemed to be more downsides than positive.  I was fortunate enough to get a free full bottle (1.5 fl oz) sample of pre-fense 24 hour hand sanitizer through my application on Tomoson

Prefense Hand Sanitizer

When my package arrived, I was very excited. Being a mom, I worry about germs. The kids come home from school coated in them, not to mention stores. I'm not overly worked up about them, but I like to be smart about it -- hence the trying of many hand sanitizers over the years. The first thing I noticed upon my first application was the subtle fresh scent. It is a hint of citrus and in no way overpowering. The thing I noticed were the bubbles -- who doesn't like bubbles? =) And once I finished getting it rubbed in, I notice that my hands felt soft, not dry! That, to me, was #1! I have somewhat sensitive hands. After repeated hand washings through the day, my hands start to get dry, and while I use lotion, it gets a bit tedious. And with the other hand sanitizers on the market, they left my hands dry as well. Not Prefense! The fact that it is silica based and alcohol free makes all the difference in the world!

Another cool thing is that due to the unique formulation, it lasts up to 24 hours through 10 hand washings! No more having to use a product multiple times throughout the day! I can definitely go for that as I have too much on my plate as it is! Once and you're done. And it makes it rather cost effective at only $.08 per day! Definitely fits into my schedule/budget!

Needless to say, so far, I'm sold! I like having the handy option of getting my hands clean in situations where washing them isn't an option. I love that it makes my hands feel soft, not dry. The scent is very pleasant. Really, can't find a thing that I'm not thrilled about.

The Prefense website is well laid out with a lot of information, and they're on Facebook Prefense FB and Twitter @Prefense !

AND -- the folks at Prefense have been generous enough to allow me to hold a contest to let you try it, too! And the super awesome thing is, you will be winning not a 1.5 oz bottle like I got, which holds approximately 120 applications, no, dear readers, you will be winning a HUGE 8 oz bottle with approximately 640 applications!! That's awesome, in my book! If you happen to not win, or don't want to wait, you can head on over to their page at Prefense Products to buy directly (and check out their other cool products) or from Amazon (and they are Prime eligible -- got to love that!).

Giveaway Information:
  For the giveaway, there's one mandatory entry -- leave a comment on this post (about anything, at least say hi!).  There are optional entries for additional chances to win by following Prefense and myself on Twitter, following me on Google Friend Connect, and tweeting about the giveaway!  Good luck! =)

This giveaway is open to all U.S. Residents. Winner will receive the giveaway shipped directly from Prefense. Giveaway will end on: November 13th, 2011 at 12:01am EST.

I have received a bottle of Prefense Hand Sanitizer to try out myself for an honest review. No other compensation has been given.
I received this product for free using Tomoson. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wilson Book Services!

My husband and I have started a new company!  I'm very excited about this new venture! (I like that word, can you tell?)  We have started a book services company where we will be offering fiction authors the services of editing, proofreading, and formatting their completed works (and any or all combinations of the three!).  Please come take a look at the page and let us know your thoughts/contact us if you are in need of our services!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BIG opportunities on the horizon

Wow! I have some big things coming up in the next few weeks. Things like a huge project for work, some giveaways, and a lot of changes in regards to the blog/promotion. In terms of giveaways, I will be having *at least* three started by the end of October (2 books reviews + giveaway and one product, so far). New project for work starts week after next, which should be huge, and I'm very much looking forward to it. And as far as changes to the blog, I plan on having the pages ironed out in the next week and continuing to work to bring more people and information to the blog! Thanks for being along for the ride!!

Is there anything you would like me to see on the page?  Leave me a comment and I'll be happy to take it under consideration!  I've already had a new idea for a page since my last post, a NaNoWriMo page!! (for those of you unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, it is a "contest" to write 50,000 words during the month of November, or as they like to call it, a month of literary abandon! more info here: NaNoWriMo )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So...  I believe my next endeavor for this blog shall be to create topic specific pages...  I have a tendency to catalog and organize (at least when it comes to my data..  not always so much IRL)...  So, what better way to keep that up than to have pages!  Plus for you, dear reader, hopefully it will make finding what you're looking for easier!  So, I believe I shall have a section for transcription, reviews, giveaways (which I hope to start having soon!!!), books, one devoted to personal/family matters, one for things I think are cool & hope you will check out, and my next great task -- weight loss/exercise!   If there's anything else that you are interested in hearing me talk about, let me know, and it can be a page as well!!  Take care and hope to get this live soon!

  Oh!  And be sure to check out my new Goodreads Gadget at the bottom of the page!   Goodreads is a great site for keeping track of what you've read & want to read, as well as finding like-minded people and new books!  Not to mention, their awesome giveaways!!!   The books shown are my "currently reading" shelf.  Click on it & find out what I've read & want to read!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Four? Make that three..

So, one of my new transcription did not work out quite how I would have wanted it to...  The point of contact for the business, in my opinion, in many areas handled themselves in a manner that was most unprofessional.  I am quite put off by several things that happened to the point that I am highly considering doing all I can to warn others from attempting to work for this company.  As this is all *very* recent, I am going to take some time to think about it all and figure out the best way to proceed from here.  All three other companies are looking very good (especially the third, which is the newest... it is seeming rather promising!)  So, we'll just have to see how it goes.  

  In product review land, going to keep using the product another day or two and then get my review up!

  I have entered *a lot* of giveaways here lately....  would be awesome if I won some..  Also, they are giving me lots and lots of ideas about how I want to host giveaways in the future!  Must work on networking and getting items to be given away!  Fun times!

  And lastly, going to start adding some pages to the blog so that people who come here for one reason or another can focus on their area of interest, if they so choose.   I'm thinking a transcription page, a product review page, a giveaway page, a page based on reading/writing, and probably a recipe page...  and maybe just a general personal page as well...  Still fleshing out the idea, as you can see!

Friday, October 7, 2011

And then, there were four!

So, I now have four different transcription companies through whom I am doing projects!  I'm pretty excited about this.  Everything is starting off kind of slow, but I'm hoping that as time goes along, this can really start to be something that I can make work for me instead of the other way around!  Also, got my first product that I will be reviewing (very soon!), and I'm super excited to say that very soon, I'll be announcing my first giveaway (and toying with the idea for a second one)!  Stay tuned for details!  =)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Productive night!

Got some really good news tonight.  As it stands now, I work for two different transcription companies.  For the past month and a half, I have had very little work.  This is partially due to the state of the economy and partially due to the nature of projects on which I work.  After finding out I didn't win a scavenger hunt type giveaway that I entered tonight, I checked my email to find a job offer from a company that I had applied with over two weeks ago.  Also, when I checked my mail first thing this morning, I had a request for a telephone interview for yet another transcription company!  I'm really hoping that I can get on with what would be my fourth so that I can be more in control of the work that I do rather than just being happy whenever there is work.  We shall see how it all goes!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

And so it begins!

Yay!  So, I just got approved for what I hope will be the first of many products to be reviewed on this blog!  How exciting!!  And what's exciting for you, dear reader, is that after I try the product, I'll be able to host a giveaway for you to try it as well!!!  Details will be coming soon!