Monday, October 21, 2013

Nightscapes: Volume 1

From the depths of the soul to the depths of hell. From the shadows of your most frightening dreams to the shadows lurking in the corner unseen and waiting. Darkness is painted across the palette of every nightscape. And it’s waiting for you… In this new anthology from Nightscape Press, we bring you 24 tales of bitter loss, jaded love, obsession, murder, cannibalism, hauntings, voodoo, black market horrors, demons, leprechauns, zombies, deadly mysteries, and much more!
Table of Contents: 
A Dry Spell in Parnell County by Ed Kurtz 
Still by Charles Colyott 
A Taste of Green Voodoo Healing by Peter N. Dudar 
Vision by Megan N. Moore 
Autumn's Gifts by Jeremy Terry 
Game Changer by Peter Giglio 
Corruption by Lisa Mannetti 
Worldly Possessions by Richard Salter 
Village Green by Boyd E. Harris 
Angel Killer by Lisa Morton 
Fly by Jonathan Templar 
Wee Ones by C.W. LaSart 
Mary Kelly's Face by John Forth 
How to Save a Life by Chris Marrs 
In the Halls and on the Stairs by Brad C. Hodson 
Surprise Inside by Tonia Brown 
Chopper by Bryan Hall 
House Hunting by Ray Garton 
Deviant Colors by Benjamin Kane Ethridge 
Guadalupe's Tamales by Shane McKenzie 
Whispers in the Trees, Screams in the Dark by Taylor Grant 
The Big Dream by J.S. Reinhardt 
The Rag-End of Dreams by Trent Zelazny 
Skins by Richard Wright
Available now from Nightscape Press in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon!

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