Friday, January 10, 2014

Virtual Housewarming Party!

As some of you know, the past 14 months have been rather rough (not all doom and gloom, but some very difficult situations have been a large part of the majority of that time). Most of you have probably caught that we recently moved (signed the lease 12/28/31, started living in our new place fulltime 12/31/31 -- a move around the holidays is as hectic as you might imagine, if not more so). Very few of you know that this move wasn't fully prompted by us (I don't want to get into the details, but needless to say, it added a lot of extra stress).
While all of that is the case, we are all VERY happy in our new house and feel it will provide a lot of great opportunities! Because of the situations from the prior paragraph, funds have been extremely limited and we've had to pull some resources that we would have rather left untapped. As a result, there are some items for the house that will have to wait probably a while before we are able to obtain them. Nothing vital, but things that would significantly help. As a result, I decided to throw this virtual housewarming party! If you are so inclined, say hello, peruse the pictures of our new house and the surrounding areas [we moved not only into a new residence, but a new town and county!], and if you are feeling generous, please consider donating as your "gift". Thanks for stopping by!

Link to the festivities on Facebook: The Wilson's Virtual Housewarming Party on Facebook!

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