Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello, lovely readers!  I do value each and every one of you -- my lack of posting in no way reflects my affection.  As most of you are hardworking individuals (be it as a mother, working mother, father, working father, writer, what have you), you know very well how *life* can get crazy hectic -- and with it being summer and the kids home, that much more!

But I have three posts in the works -- this will be just a teaser to get you ready for them =D

1) a recap post of the delicious tasting, but structurally unsound cake I made for my husband's birthday this past May

2) DISNEY!!!!!!!!!  (preparations for and accounts of our upcoming trip!!)

3)  A really, really cool product review that's in the works as I type/you read! 

Sorry that I can't do more, butt regarding #2, I have work and trip details to attend to before we leave!!!!   Thank you for spending a moment of your day with me ♥

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