Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 3 Get Fit Murfreesboro

So, this journey so far has been rather up and down. Week one was great. Week two, not so much. Week three, I'm finally starting to get back on track. Week one I was able to keep solidly to a nutrition schedule and did okay on exercise. Week 2 started okay on nutrition, but I had ZERO motivation to exercise. And unfortunately, saw the result on the scale (or rather, lack of result!) (not to mention, not getting any kind of post up about it!)

But now it's week three, and I think i'm finally getting into a good rhythm. It helps that I made a purchase on Amazon last week and it is now finally here! I purchased Zumba 2 for Wii! I've used it both yesterday and today and I love it so far. It is definitely giving me a good workout and it is fun =) I've been interested in trying Zumba for "real", but outside of getting a membership to our YMCA (which isn't really in the budget right now), I don't know of anywhere locally to take the classes. But this is giving me a bit of a kickstart into it.

And another thing that's on the horizon, I think I'm going to join Curves. I've heard it's a lot more cost effective than I thought it was going to be (from my sis, who actually works at her local one part time). So, I'm probably going to get that started next week after "first of the month" bills are out of the way. So, yeah, I think that combined with me doing Zumba 2 on the Wii and walking when the weather permits should make a nice impact and be enough of a variety to keep me going!

For my female readers, have you ever or do you currently go to Curves? Would love to hear some opinions on it!

But I'm going to skedaddle for now! Hope this finds you well and would love it if you left a comment!

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