Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great News!

Going to keep this one short (haha.. hopefully!), but wanted to pass along some great personal news. If you've been reading my blog long, you'll know that I have started making efforts to living a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and exercise. This is in part to my participation in the Get Fit Murfreesboro challenge (as I documented the start of it here and here ) and partially just because it's what I need to do.

Anyway, when I first "weighed in" for the competition, my blood pressure was high... and not just a little bit. I saw it when my measurements were sent over to me, but I had misremembered what was "normal" and the full effect of just how high it was didn't sink it. I looked over those measurements again on Tuesday night and looked up high blood pressure info online. My systolic ranked in the Stage 2 Hyperension range (the worst one) and my diastolic was in Stage 1. Pretty bad news. Well, I went yesterday to check my blood pressure and I'm happy to report that from my efforts, my blood pressure is now in a normal range! I'm very happy about this as I was not looking forward to a trip to the doctor about high blood pressure. It's inspiring to know that hard work does pay off!

And in other good news, I received an email from the owner of two of the different transcription companies that I work for today, both of them praising me for my quality and hard work. Always nice to hear positive feedback on the work you're doing! Hope all is well with you, dear readers, and thanks for being there!

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