Saturday, December 10, 2011

MosaickedPhotography: Beautiful & Unique Works of Art (with a discount for you!)

Hello, my dear readers! Are you all done with your Christmas/holiday shopping? Yeah, me either! For those who are, I bet that's a relief! But for those who are not, I wanted to feature an amazing Etsy shop called: MosaickedPhotography , which is run by a fantastically creative lady, Kashena, and her sister, Cathy. Not only is Kashena wildy talented, she's also a super nice person and someone I feel privileged to call a friend!

The shop's bio reads:
"Two sisters who love to create unique art! Kashena creates original hand-cut mosaics, while Cathy examines the unseen universe looking for that amazing shot that you'd love to hang on your wall."

Which is incredibly apprapos! You should absolutely go take a look and consider making a purchase for that special someone in your life, the person who's hard to buy for, or heck, treat yourself! These one of a kind pieces are stunning and would fit will with any decor!

Sheena's beautifully mosaiced pieces would make any room even more stunning and would be a wonderful conversation piece! Cathy's unique and vibrant pictures would add so much to a room (*note* some of these pictures are adult in nature, but are all tastefully done - if you are offended by the human form, these may not be for you).

In this post, I'd like to feature two pieces that Sheena has created. The first is her Mosaic Black and Pink Tree Uplight Lamp

"Is that the sun sliding behind this outlined and shadowed tree? This interesting lamp appears as a work of art with a subtle light shining behind its beauty. The soft glow is wonderful for keeping a room quiet and comfortable, and the colors come to life when turned on.
Each piece of glass is hand cut and the design is original and one-of-a-kind!

Height: 11 1/2 inches
Diameter at top: 7 inches
Weight: approx 4 lbs.
60 watt bulb (included)
Sealed piece

Handcut stained glass, black grout, sealer.

Will create a card to place with the item for that special someone on request, for free! Let me know who to make the card out to, and for what occasion!"

This is a unique item that really stands out! It will add not only some extra light to any room you place it in, but also add ambiance and spark conversations! The skill with which she crafted the tree is amazing!

This piece normally is priced $100, but with the generous discount Sheena has offered, it will be only $80 plus shipping!

The second piece is entitled "Neptune Blue" and it is a wall hanging. Anyone can have a painting on the wall, not many people go the extra step to have true art in their home!

"If you have the blues, this original mosaic artwork will cheer you up! A unique wall hanging, each piece of glass was hand-cut from 12x12 sheets of stained glass. As you move through the room, the light will catch the various colors and reflective quality of this stunning piece. Simply beatutiful; a must-see!

Real pieces of polished sliced geodes are placed throughout the work.
The art was created on a thick wooden solid board.

Price includes shipping.

Ready to hang, horizonally or vertically, with wall hangers.

Price reduction!! Was $400!!

12 inches x 23 inches"

And with the discount code, this piece becomes only $200 shipped!

These are just two of the phenomenal pieces that are for sale at MosaickedPhotography! You should definitely go take a look and consider purchasing a true one of a kind work of art for your home or as a gift.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *    D I S C O U N T    C O D E    *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Love the look of one or more of these pieces? Sheena has been incredibly generous in offering a coupon code that will only be available for readers of my blog! This code will give you 20% off your entire order! This code cannot be combined with any other offer (per Etsy rules) and unless otherwise stated, shipping charges will still apply (and not be discounted per this code) Imagine being able to own a one of a kind, uniquely beautiful, handcrafted piece of art in your home (or as a gift) now at 20% off!

The code to enter on Etsy is:  roundcorner

At the very least, please go take a look at this wonderful shop, favorite it, and share with anyone you may know! I wish the very best for Sheena and her sister & would love to help be a part of growing their business!

Any questions, please ask and either I will get back with you, or if it is about the pieces, I'll consult with Sheena/Cathy and get back with you!

Thanks for taking the time to support these two talented individuals!

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