Saturday, December 3, 2011

SuperPoints update

12-22-11 update: I've now earned 3 gift cards and I'm less than 100 points away from #4, which I hope to have by Christmas eve!

For anyone who is not yet using SuperPoints (and for those who are not using it to its full potential), this post is for you! I have used A LOT of rewards/points/gift card/prize earning sites in my many, many years on the interwebs... And though I've only been using SuperPoints for a little under three months, I am very, very impressed with it! I have earned more "prizes" from this site in this short amount of time than probably any other site I've used (I hesitate to say I've earned more than using MyPoints, but there's a big differentiator: most points I've earned from MyPoints have been from purchases; whereas, points from SuperPoints have been *free*)

So, I would like all of you, my dear readers, to have the opportunity to earn like I have been earning. Granted, it isn't paying the bills or providing Christmas, but for the time put in, I feel it is well worth it. For 10 - 30 min a day (depending on number of spins on the Super Lucky Button or whether or not I'm trying to get more referrals), I am very happy with what I've been able to amass so far! I'm already working toward gift card number 4! (my third one will be paid out this coming week!).

Make sure, once you sign up, that you validate your email and fill out your profile so that you move from, I believe, five clicks of the Super Lucky Button to 30! Obviously it's random and you'll have good days and bad days, but once it starts racking up, it's worth it -- and fun!

Below you will find seven invite codes (it is invite only -- if any of these codes don't work, try another. If none work, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to get a code directly to you!)

New Invite codes coming soon! Leave me a comment & I can send you one directly through email!

Just earned this one today! Use this code and start off with 25 points!!  

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll join and be able to start earning prizes, too! =)

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